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March 7, 2012

You CAN KNOW for yourself what the Bible teaches about salvation!

My book True Christianity is now available for Kindle on Amazon.  

Prime members read it for free and all can buy it for only $4.99

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Facebook censorship and harassment

March 3, 2012

Facebook censorship and harassment.

Facebook censorship and harassment

March 3, 2012

Since I can’t post to pages or even comment on pages where I know I am welcome I need the help of my friends to spread the word about what Facebook is doing!

ImagePlease help spread the word about Facebook censorship and harassment.

Update 3-2-2012 Facebook has falsely labeled me as a spammer and blocked my from posting to pages even knowing that I am the victim of campaigns of frivolous complaints and harassment.  I am convinced that nothing short of lawsuits and/or a mass exodus from Facebook will clean up their mess.   Please spread the word about

Please also agree with me in prayer that the Lord would reward those directly responsible according to their works, those at Facebook and the filth who flagged false spam reports to censor the truth. I believe it was an organized campaign of frivolous complaints to censor me.