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Don’t be a useful idiot for Hussein!

September 15, 2012

Personally I voted for Ron Paul in the primary, though I have not really seen that he actually accomplished much of anything while in office. It is rather common with primary elections for a lot of people to be disappointed. We need to learn to handle disapointment like any other appointment.

We really have only one choice for POTUS. We need to learn “hold your nose voting” as it is a case of Islamic socialism vs Capitalism

There is much not to like about Mitt Romney. Actually I find his RINO voting record of far greater concern than the fact that he is in a false-christian cult, but he is headed to no different lake of fire than any of the major trinity cults; he is, however, a real American.

Hussein Obama on the other hand is a foreign born, islam raised, a traitor, a fraud, a racist, a socialist/communist and an enemy of the United States with known connections to other known enemies of the United States.

There is some stuff at and there is other stuff at including the question of why if they follow Moroni that they are called Mormons instead of Morons. The major contrast I notice is the islamic open war against civilization and attacks on the United States while the Mormons, in spite of an occasional annoying visit are known mostly for community service and singing together.

It looks like we have a choice between voting for a slightly weird weak friend or a wicked hardened islamo/communist enemy of the USA to run our country.

Those who would vote for anyone other than Romney and/or leading others to do so are serving Obama and should really research the term “useful idiots” as it has appeared in history. There was a lot of very real injustice and things very wrong that created the support for Hitler.

Brethren, I emplore you. Don’t be STUPID!!! Don’t work for Hussein Obama! Don’t work for Hussein Obama by undermining Mitt Romney! Don’t be a useful idiot like those who threw away their vote on Ross Perot! REALITY TIME!!! We have a two party system at this point in history. If the conservative vote can be split then an enemy of the United States may well be re-elected president.


Bro. Winter
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